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A judgement-free space, classes for every fitness level and intuitive gym equipment. Zone in, transform, and embrace a healthier you.

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Step in, and "HIIT" the ground running on your fitness journey. As we walk you through your gym initiation and support you as you experience your first workout. Visit Mfitness in Melrose Park and start your fitness journey today.


Class Timetable

We know life can get unpredictable. That's why we offer flexible schedules to fit around your life.

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  1. Mon
  2. Strength And Resistance Morning: 5:30am
  3. Women's Class Morning: 10:00am
  4. Tue
  5. Strength and Conditioning Morning 5:30am
  6. Wed
  7. Strength And Condition Morning 5:30am
  8. Thu
  9. Metabolic Conditioning Morning Call For Time
  10. Fri
  11. Activity Recovery Morning 5:30am
  12. Sat
  13. Stay Tuned Upcoming 7:00am
  14. Functional Strength Morning 8:15am
  15. Strength and Conditioning Morning 9:30am
  16. Strength and Conditioning Morning 10:30am
  17. Sun
  18. Activity Recovery More Classes Soon


  1. Mon
  2. Strength And Resistance Afternoon: 5:30pm
  3. Strength And Resistance Afternoon: 6:30pm
  4. Tue
  5. Strength And Condition Afternoon 5:30pm
  6. Strength And Condition Afternoon 6:30pm
  7. Wed
  8. metabolic conditioning Upcoming 5:30pm
  9. metabolic conditioning Upcoming 6:30pm
  10. Thu
  11. Strength And Condition Afternoon 5:30pm
  12. Stay Tuned Upcoming Fresh Challenges Await
  13. Fri
  14. Functional Strength Afternoon Bookings Only
  15. Functional Strength Afternoon Bookings Only
  16. Sat
  17. Strength And Condition Afternoon Coming Soon
  18. Sun
  19. Activity Recovery More Classes Soon
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The essence of MFITNESS comes alive in the narratives of our members. These are not just testimonials; they are real stories of transformation and achievement. Hear from those who have experienced the MFITNESS difference.

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